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Home Care


Every tiny detail of service we offer is tailored to suit your needs. Our person-centred approach guides how we approach your independence, offer you more choices and control over your life in all situations. We give informed advice and encouragement, vital to making the right decisions about your life.

Perhaps you only need occasional visits or short-term assistance; or regular help with personal care and daily routines like cleaning, making meals and getting to and from appointments. Sometimes you might need help with your medicines or looking after an injury, or support after a hospital stay. Higher-level needs may require 24-hour live-in care or palliative care. 

Domiciliary care can be provided for as long as you need it. We are happy to find a carer who will provide care and companionship on a long-term basis. Here are just a few of the ways we can support you in your home.


Our trusted carers are there to provide as much or as little support as needed and will be happy to undertake a range of duties. Whether it is help with cooking, admin, taking out the bins, dusting, hoovering, feeding the pets, washing and ironing – our home help service takes care of your home environment so that it will be clean, tidy and safe.


Whether it is helping you with personal hygiene, or keeping well and keeping active, all are important to your wellbeing. Supporting you with personal are, whether it’s help with dressing, eating, sleeping or bathing, we can make a big difference to your quality of life.


Loneliness is a huge problem if you are isolated at home. With regular visits from our carer, you can look forward to a chat as well as having some help in the house. Our carers are happy to help out with the housework, make sure all your appointments are booked and in the diary, or any other little job you need. Ask them to sit down and have a cuppa and a friendly chat and, when it’s safe to do so, they’ll also be happy to take you out on short trips, such as to the shops, a café or the local library.


With our live-in service, you are able to stay at home with a carer to take care of you and run the household. Whether this is a temporary or permanent arrangement, we tailor a flexible package to meet your needs, including elder care, personal care, help with medication, mobility, as well as looking after the house and helping out with personal administration such as paying bills and keeping your family up-to-date with how things are going. All our live-in carers are carefully selected for their personal qualities such as patience and kindness, as well as fully trained and upskilled to provide any and all of the services needed, including overnight care packages.

Everyday Support


If the everyday tasks in the house are getting a bit too much, your carer is happy to help. They can take you to doctors’ appointments, help out with your personal care, as well as cooking, cleaning and washing. If you have pets, they’re there to help keep them happy and healthy (and clean up after them!), including taking your dog out for walks to make sure he/she gets enough exercise. Basically, they look after all the everyday tasks you’re finding difficult, so you, your furry companions and your home are always spick and span.

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